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Finally an email creation platform that separates design from content. Design and create in Alpaco, and send with your favorite ESP.

"When time is of the essence"

Why BLS Chose Alpaco

The popular streetwear clothing brand BLS Hafnia chose Alpaco for their daily email newsletters. With Alpaco, BLS is stepping up their investment in the well-established world of email marketing.

Read more about why and how in the link below.

Produce Faster

With our innovative editor, once your design is setup, creating a new email and inputting content is 2-15x faster than usual.

Stay On Brand

You spent a lot of money on your brand. We ensure that your newsletters always look picture-perfect, and adhere to brand guidelines.

Collaborate Across Teams

Work together with your team or externals to create, compose and iterate over content in minutes.

Integrates with ESP

When you are ready to send, easily export your email to your favourite ESP with the click of a button!

Rethinking the process

The Perfect Editor

Design and Content are two separate tasks, typically performed by different people - so why would they use the same editor? With Alpaco, we separate the design from the content editing. The result? Much better control of the design, and much faster creation of new emails.


Turbo-charge your email production

Because you don't have to worry about design and testing, you can focus on the content.

Drag & Drop with confidence

Drag and drop the components pre-made by your designer, and create the structure for your email in seconds. Never worry about messing up the design.

5X faster

Marketing teams can usually produce emails 5X faster when using Alpaco, resulting in more revenue generated from campaigns and significant savings.

One-click export to your ESP

When ready, simply export your email to your ESP and send it as usual - without ever touching your ESP's editor.

For the designer 

Stay in control

We made a powerful editor just for you. Use it to build a unique and customized editing experience for your marketing team, without compromising on the design. You decide exactly what is editable.


With full Liquid support you can bring logic into your components and make them smart! 


There's no limit to what you can do when you create settings for your components. We support everything from rich text, to custom selects, image uploads, color pickers and more. 


Preview each component live as you build out and test your settings. 


Did you know?

That with Alpaco you can have round corners on your Buttons in Outlook.

With the right bit of code you too can have round, flexible buttons in an email client like Outlook, so you won't have to compromise with the integrity of your brand. You can even keep your link tracking so your data won't be skewed.

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when restrictions are a good thing

A Designer's Best Friend

As a designer, you spend your time delivering a picture perfect design, aligning with the brand guidelines and code it to make sure it views correctly all email clients.

The worst that can happen, is that someone start changing the design - and mess up the rendering in the different clients. Often, you will be blamed for things outside your control.

Unfortunately this has become the norm, not the exception, in the industry. Mainly due to the ESPs drag-and-drop editors that supposedly allow for easy changes, but in reality only makes it easy to make mistakes.

With Alpaco, you can say goodbye to second-class ESP editors and take back control of the design, even after it has been delivered to the customer. 


Don't take our word for it...

We get super excited when our customers share their stories with us. Here's a sample from our beloved customers.

“ Alpaco has made it super easy and simple to create our email campaigns. In collaboration with the Alpaco team, the email design has been upgraded and now look amazing and professional.

I am blown away by how I am able to combine components so every campaign can be unique. I have always felt constrained by other email builders, but with Alpaco there are no limitations. I cannot recommend Alpaco enough! ”


Marketeer, MichelleKristensen

“ Alpaco is especially intuitive, which makes it easy to get started.

Obviously we try and minimize our timespending and that's why it's important to have a 'ready-to-use' template when we need to make newsletters.”


Ecommerce Manager, BLS Hafnia

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alpaco just another email platform?

No, Alpaco is an Email Design System platform, it connects with your Email platform(ESP) and gives you much more control over your design and content. We've taken a completely new approach where design and content editing are no longer mixed together, while still giving the content team flexibility to create amazing campaigns. Once you try it, you will never want to go back!

Do you work with all ESPs?

We have a "one-click" integration with many of the popular ESPs (Mailchimp, Klaviyo and so on) and we are adding integrations all the time. Let us know what ESP you work with, and we can likely make an integration within days. Alternatively, you can always export the HTML and import it in the ESP directly!

Can I use my existing template/design?

Yes! You spend money and time on your existing template, so of course you can use it with Alpaco. Usually it only takes a few hours to take a full email template design and "Alpaconize" it. It requires a little knowledge of Liquid, but it's easy to learn. Alternatively, we can help you - just contact us!

I don't have a design, what do I do?

Don't worry, our email design experts can help you out. We've build hundreds of email designs, and can help build one that is just perfect for you. Contact us and we will make you an offer based on your needs.

We are an email marketing agency - can we use Alpaco?

We love working with agency experts! As an agency, you can get an agency account free of charge with access to your customers Alpaco accounts. Contact us for more information!

What is an "Email", a "Template" and a "Component"?

An "Email" in Alpaco is a specific email build based on a Design, for example "Newsletter Week 39".

A "Template" is the template or structure used to build your email. This is where all the HTML and settings are build. A Template contains multiple Components.

A "Component" is a specific part or section of a design that can be used in the Emails. For example "Article with large image" or "Product Highlight".

To build an Email, a marketeer selects a Template first and then drags in Components he/she wants to use in that specific Email.

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