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Making newsletters just got a lot easier! Works with your favorite email marketing platform
"Easy email production for brands and agencies"
Design and edit in Alpaco - send out with your favorit email platform.


We know being unique or different is important for any business wanting to stand out in their industry. But when it comes to email marketing sadly, many businesses look...well the same. We’re here to change that, bringing businesses a much needed flexibility, certainty and possibility for uniqueness when it comes to email marketing.

With Alpaco Email you can create unique email templates, fast and reliable - making sure you stand out from all others. Alpaco email is a platform that gives you complete control over your email templates, and gives you access to a special designed template-language that makes it easy to make components. This means you can be on brand, on time - all the time. Alpaco’s got your back!

Shaping the wheel

Alpaco is not just another email marketing platform - it’s an email design platform where you can design, edit and store your campaigns - and when you’re ready to send out, we hand over the code to your platform of choice, simply and automatically by a click of a button - or wizardy…

We do not reinvent the wheel, or negate any email marketing platform, how your data is constructed or how you operate your business. We’re not here to reinvent the wheel, we're here to shape it round so you can get on with your job in an elegant and effective manner, by offering a platform that potentially shaves off dusinds of hours constructing newsletters and saves countless headaches.

Pricing plans

All plans come with a 30 days trial


  • 1x User
  • 1x Template
  • 5x components
  • 5x emails/month
  • 1x Integration
  • Email support
149€ /month*


  • 3x Users
  • 2x Templates
  • Unlimited components
  • Unlimited emails/month
  • 1x Integration
  • Email support
499€ /month*


  • 10x Users
  • 5x Templates
  • Unlimited components
  • Unlimited emails/month
  • 3x Integrations
  • Email support
999€ /month*


  • Users by appointment
  • Templates by appointment
  • Unlimited components
  • Unlimited emails/month
  • Integrations by appointment
  • Dedicated account manager
By appointment
*All prices are excluding VAT.
After your trial you get a free account with limited capabilities.
If you're an agency please contact us.

How to get started

So getting into the Alpaco platform/enclosure - whatever works for you - is fairly easy. But it’s utilizing it to its full potential that’s the tricky part. If you know how to code emails it’s straight sailing. If you don’t, which let’s realize most people don’t, then we can help too.

We have many years of experience building email templates for large international brands, so we know a thing or two about designing, developing and implementing beautiful and unique templates for your business. However that’s a side product and will be negotiated on a case-by-case scenario at your request.

What’s under the hood

With Alpaco there’s really no messing around. Alpaco was founded on the belief that making your weekly newsletter should be hassle-free, fast, on brand and reliable. It’s an easy to use, highly flexible editor that makes it simple for you as a marketing responsible to make great newsletters.

Alpaco is an online editor where you can create a template of your email newsletter. It’s always been an untold secret in digital marketing, making emails is hard. It’s an unregulated, un unified part of digital marketing, yet to this date it’s the highest ROI channel many businesses have. Alpaco was founded by passionated email marketing experts who saw a much needed issue to be fixed - how to extend our knowledge and capabilities of how to build and handle email newsletters. So we decided to make a platform for all you email lovers who share that vision. It’s a no B*llsh*t, no limits, no nonsense platform that’s affordable.

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