Making Email Campaigns Just Got Easier!

An intutive, flexible, scalable, collaborative Email Design Platform for your Marketing Team that integrates with your exisiting setup.


Save a ton of time fiddling with editors, cropping images and handing over campaigns to other colleagues.

On Brand

Ensure your newsletters always look picture-perfect, and adhere to brand guidelines across campaigns, flows and content creators.

Collaborate Across Teams

Work together with your team or externals to create, compose and iterate over campaigns in minutes.

Integrate With Your Setup

Easily integrate with your existing Email Service Provider, data flows and other solutions.

Rethinking the Process

The Ideal Editor

By separating content creation from design, coding and data modelling our platform is putting the control back to the professionals and what they were inteded to do - the results are lightning-fast production, on-brand designs, fantastic campaigns and satisfying data management all working in perfect harmony without limiting eachother.

For the marketer

Boost production

With our easy-to-use platform anyone can create on-brand newsletters without any prior knowledge.

Drag&Drop with ease

With Drag&Drop you can instantly and intutively insert blocks, enable checkboxes and choose settings from a dropdown all within brand guidelines.

Media library

Our smart media library gives an overview of your assets, and the ability to re-use them them for other content bits, instead of having to upload the same image over again.


By using our platform you get an unprecedented level of control and continuity that makes it easy and seamless for anyone to operate your email marketing.


Stay on brand

With our platform you can rest assure everything is neatly sealed off, nobody can tamper with the design. You have the full control of what combinations are allowed.

Unlimited design possibilities

With full liquid support in our template language developers and designer are able to do something no other editor has been able to: Calculations, multiplications, infinite iterations, if-this-then-that ect.

Our templating language opens up for a wealth of design possibilities and with our strict policy of “no code will be altered”, if you can code it, the platform can run it.

rules without limits

Our templating language is not limited only to a Block or the Base, but can be applied across Blocks, between Base and Blocks and vice versa. Fully opening up for unlimited design possibilities across the template - unparalled in the industry.


Collaborate Across Teams

Work together with your team or externals to create, compose and iterate over campaigns in minutes.

user types

Setting up different user types, grants you and your team granually control over which member of the team can do what.


Managing campaigns and getting an overview is easy with our folder management system. Simply create a folder and add an email to it in two clicks.

Image processing

With our image processing ability build into the platform you can crop, optimize, downsize, merge and manipulate your images. Saving the need for any external image processing tools. For more information read our Blog post.


Review Feature

The Review Feature is a chat-based option for users to leave feedback, tag other users and discuss details of any aspect of the content, giving your team a structured and centralized tool for approving email campaigns.


Integrate with your setup

Dynamic data and connections are important if you are to rest at night and trust us we’ve made sure you got full control over that as well. Your data is still tightly secured in your GDPR safe systems.

one-click export

Making sure your email campaigns are actually working with your Email Service Provider(ESP) in the end, we provide an API integration, circumventing the limitations of your ESP editor and delivering a fully integrateable email to your ESP.

Merge Tags

With Merge Tags you can grant use-access to Dynamic fields of your data, to any team members - making it easier for anyone to create truely data driven email campaigns.

Avoid Gmail clipping

By exporting your email with our platform, you get the benefit of optimized code for emails, greatly reducing the risk for getting the dreaded “read more” button in Gmail.

Our integration application Partners

Integrate with your Email Service Provider(ESP) or download HTML for manually insertion.
Ask if you don't see yours.

For those who need help

How to get started?

In order to get started with Alpaco you need a HTML template. Not everyone has one and not everyone knows how to code one to their exact needs and desires.

Luckily we know how to create HTML templates that looks beautiful in the inbox. We offer to help you build your Template so you can get out of your hair and into the inbox quickly and effecient. 


Herd's the Word

A peak into what happens in Alpaco, our thoughts and speculations about the email industry at large.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alpaco an email platform?

The simple answer is no, Alpaco is an addon to your Email Platform(ESP). While Alpaco handles your newslettters, the content, cropping images and making sure everything looks good, it doesn't handle your send-out or stores your customer data. Think of it as an addon to your existing Email Marketing setup that gives your unprecidented design flexibility, organization and speed - so you can spend your time on what matters!

Do you connect with all ESP's?

Alpaco was founded on the belief that making good looking newsletters easy, fast and reliable should be a given, regardless of what Email Platform you're in.
Many Email Platforms has acknowledged this demand and thus opened up their platform for us, but it's sadly not all that allows for external newsletter production. Please do contact us, if you have an Email Platform in mind you want us to integrate with.

Can I use my existing Template?

You sure can, Alpaco was created on the goal of removing limitations from Email Marketing. If you can code it or think it up, the platform can run it!

What if I want a new Template?

No worries, Alpaco was founded by Email Geeks, designers and developers with a passion for email design. We're a team of experts who have more than 25 years of combined experience of making your design into a usable Template, regardless of platform.

What is "Base" a "Block" and an "Email"

The "Base" is the frame where you can drag&drop blocks into. A Base contains the overall design rules and thus serves as the foundation of the design.

A "Block" is an element that can be moved around, repeated and deleted, basically what you drag&drop in the Template. It is a container that has its own sets of code and rules.

An "Email" is essentially the newsletter or project if you will. Each time you start a new Email, you get access to a fresh template with blocks you can drag&drop at your will.

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