Making Email Campaigns Just Got Easier!

An intutive, flexible, scalable, collaborative Email Design Platform for your Marketing Team and connects with your Email Service Provider.

Produce Faster

Create a newsletter up to 2-15x faster than conventional editors with our platform, saving you a ton of time.

Stay On Brand

Ensure your newsletters always look picture-perfect, and adhere to brand guidelines across campaigns, flows and content creators.

Collaborate Across Teams

Work together with your team or externals to create, compose and iterate over content in minutes.

Integrate With ESP

Easily export your newsletter to your ESP with the click of a button!

Rethinking the Process

The Ideal Editor

By separating content creation from design, coding and data modelling our platform is putting the control back to the professionals and what they were inteded to focus on - the results are rocket-fast production, stellar designs, fantastic campaigns and satisfied data management all working if perfect harmony without limiting eachother.

For the marketer

Boost production

With our easy-to-use platform anyone can create on-brand newsletters without any prior knowledge.

Drag & Drop with ease

Create on-brand with content-blocks, with pre-determined design rules, ensuring your design is always within the rules of the design guide.

Up to 15x faster

By limiting all of the time-consuming pitfalls and fiddling, Marketing Teams blasts through their newsletters resulting in incredibly amounts of time saved in production.

No technical skills required

By integrating with their ESP users are able to make use of merge-tags, segmentation and export newsletters directly to their ESP account without any prior or technical knowledge.

For the Data and Design responsible

Stay in full control

With our platform you can rest assure everything is neatly sealed off, nobody can tamper with the design or ruin the data. You have the full control of what is accessible.

Limitless design

One of the best perks of the platform is the fact that there's no limit to what design is possible. Make unlimited design rules, layouts, elements and combinations back and forth between blocks and template.

Powerful template language

With full liquid support our template language gives a powerful and dynamic way of combining data and design rules.

Developer-friendly template editor

Combining Email coding with specific design rules and a precise ESP data-syntax it can be hard to balance them all at once. That's why our editor has a developer-friendly test feature that makes all that management easy to survey.

Our integration application Partners

Integrate with your Email Service Provider(ESP) or download HTML for manually insertion. And many more...
Ask if you don't see yours.

For those who need help

How to get started?

In order to get started with Alpaco you need a HTML template. Not everyone has one and not everyone knows how to code one to their exact needs and desires.

Luckily we know how to create HTML templates that looks beautiful in the inbox. We offer to help you build your Template so you can get out of your hair and into the inbox quickly and effecient. 

Contact us!

Get in contact with us about any questions that may arise about the platform, the service or the company. Either through the formular or through our direct chat support:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alpaco an email platform?

The simple answer is no, Alpaco is an addon to your Email Platform(ESP). While Alpaco handles your newslettters, the content, cropping images and making sure everything looks good, it doesn't handle your send-out or stores your customer data. Think of it as an addon to your existing Email Marketing setup that gives your unprecidented design flexibility, organization and speed - so you can spend your time on what matters!

Do you connect with all ESP's?

Alpaco was founded on the belief that making good looking newsletters easy, fast and reliable should be a given, irregardless of what Email Platform you're in.
Many Email Platforms has acknowledged this demand and thus opened up their platform for us, but it's sadly not all that allows for external newsletter production. Please do contact us, if you have an Email Platform in mind you want us to integrate with.

Can I use my existing Template?

You sure can, Alpaco was created on the goal of removing limitations from Email Marketing. If you can code it or think it up, the platform can run it!

What if I want a new Template?

No worries, Alpaco was founded by Email Geeks, designers and developers with a passion for email design. We have a team of experts who are more than 25 years of combined experiece of making your design into a usable Template, irregardless of platform.

What is "Base" a "Block" and an "Email"

The "Base" is the frame where blocks can be drag&drop into. A Base contains the overall design rules and thus serves as the foundation for the design.

A "Block" is an element that can be moved around, repeated and deleted, basically what is being drag & dropped in the Template. It is a container that has its own sets of code and rules.

An "Email" is essentially the newsletter or project if you will. Each time you start a new Email, you get access to a fresh template with blocks you can drag and drop in at your will.

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