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We Want To Make Email Marketing Easy 

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark we launched our platform in 2021 on the promise to make Email Marketing much easier than previous for our customers across the globe. With our platform we've enabled brand and marketers to create beautiful newsletters that's on-brand and at a fraction of the time it took them in a conventional editor.

What is

Our Reason

We love emails - But, we want you to love email too❤️

We know that’s a hard ask… How can you love creating, designing and writing emails, when you use all your precious time dealing with systems, builders and tooling?

We've had our fair share of dealing with email systems, and that is why we have decided to make it easy for everyone to create amazing emails.

Take a look at your inbox. Big companies that compromise their brand identity, because they squeezed their design into a pre-build template that cannot even make round buttons…

We're changing that with the Alpaco platform. We are bringing a sense of design and usability to email marketing, making it on-brand, easy, super-fast and engaging to work with.


The Herd

Much like in a heard, we want you to know that we have your back in all things related to Email Marketing. That's why we jokingly say "join the herd", but we really mean it in the deepest sense.
We want to protect businesses from bad and sluggish ways of working with Email Marketing. Sometimes it really should be as simple as "I just want to make an email, I don't want all these obstacles..."

💻 We are developers

🪧 We are marketers

📜 We are content creators

🎨 We are designers
… and we know how to make amazing emails

With a combined experience of over 25 years of developing email campaigns and Flows for numerous brands across the world, adding even more years of building web applications in the tech industry, and robust API integrations, we believe we've created the best team or "herd" for doing just that.

Email marketing is not about to change anytime soon, but how you do it is. Let us show you how there are better ways.

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