Unlock Your Inner Critic with Alpaco's Revolutionary Review Feature

"Leave a comment, tag a colleague and collaborate across departments - all in one platform!"

With the Review Feature organizations gets a chat-based interface for users to leave feedback, tag other users and discuss details of any aspect of the content, giving your teams a structured and centralized tool for approving email campaigns.

Get that Email campaign approved!

We know how difficult, fragmented and sluggish it can be to get an email campaign approved through the many company heads and departments.

Some stakeholders are buys with meetings, some you can only catch on Microsoft Teams between 4 and 4.02... and then we haven't even gotten into the Legal department and sending screenshots, PDF versions, an actual test emails straight from your Email Service Provider(ESP) or god forbid a print-out of the email with written annotations ontop of it(...oh yes we've been there) each time any of them have a correction, be that of an image that isn't right, a text or a link they don't like...

The point is that it's fragmented, we know...So that's why we created the Review Feature!

Gone are the days of bad review processes.

Collaborate in real-time

There's a high probability that you're not alone in getting this email out the door. It's not uncommon that the person who's doing the images isn't the same person approving the legal text, and so on.
Getting those stakeholders attention with their limited time can be a challenge!

With the Review feature you can all work on the email in a central place at the same time or staggered at different times. As a user presently in the platform you can see other users comments live and you will be notified instantly in the interface if one a thread you're mentioned in has gotten a new comment.


Get all stakeholders feedback into one place

For those users who doesn't work with email campaigns on a daily basis, but still needs to sign off on a detail once in a while, you can notify them by tagging them in a thread. They will be notified by email after a short amount of time. Only users in the Alpaco Platform can be notified.

Ensure quality and correctness

With Review Feature enabled users are able to comment on anything on Base,- or Block-level, easily separating each into their own, for speed, effeciency and ensuring quality and correctness of the content. 

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