Jump-start Pack 🚀

Don't have an awesome design yet? Want one but don't have the money for it all?

Get a jump-start with the help of our experts! We will, together with you, design a template custom-made for your brand.

We have many years of experience building cutting edge email templates for large international brands, so don't hesitate asking us for a quote and maybe we'll let you pet the alpaca 😋

Jump-start Pack

1 custom-made design

(3 components)

3 months Basic Plan


One time fee

What's the process?

  • 1. You: Chooses components and provides detailed design input.

  • 2. Alpaco: Prepares first draft.

  • 3. You: Provides feedback on first draft.

  • 4. Alpaco: Makes corrections based on feedback.

  • 5. You: Final approval.

Component Types

We've prepared a sample of commonly used components. For your Jump-start Pack, you can choose 3 of these variants.

If you have a specific request for a different variant, let us know.

Type A: Full-Width Image + Text

Image and text in full width. Both image and text are optional, so you can decide just to show an image, just a text or both.

Type B: Side-by-Side Image + Text

Image and text side by side. The image adjusts accordingly to the text. A button is situated at the bottom. The layout (image right/image left) can be switched with a setting.

Type C: Side-By-Side Articles

Two or more articles (with image, text and CTA button) situated next to each other. The articles will stack vertically on mobile.

Type D: Background Image

An image with text and/or a CTA button situated ontop of the image. Great for banners or heros.

Type E: Video

A video module linking to a video service (i.e. YouTube). This module will be designed with an interchangeable image and a play button on top.