The popular streetwear clothing brand BLS Hafnia chose Alpaco for their daily email newsletters. With Alpaco, BLS is stepping up their investment in the well-established world of email marketing. We here at Alpaco is thrilled to have BLS Hafnia onboard our quest for improving the email marketing field, one campaign at a time.

The Challenges

The challenge that was facing BLS was the acknowledgment that email marketing is a channel that is a huge driver for sales in their field of business. Being present in this channel is not only proven to deliver up to 36x ROI but also the preferred channel by 92% of consumers, study shows by Data & Marketing Association in 2021. 

BLS realizing all of this, struggled with how time consuming it was creating quality content for email marketing and maintaining their pressence in the inbox. So BLS reached out to Alpaco to help them solve these challenges. 

On-Brand Template

With a very minimalistic identity it isn't easy to spot the subtle details, but with both a custom font, hover effects on buttons, a very distinct stacking of the product-grid on mobile and a desire for the ability of writing text on top of their images, completely ditching the need for Photoshop, the BLS template is an example of complexity in simplicity. With a template build in Alpaco and integrated with their email system, they can now create on-brand content, intutively and lightening fast.

Custom Font

Brand Regonizability

Time Saved

Image Optimizations

Besides having their images minimized for the optimal size, Alpaco also incorporated a feature that automatically takes any product image and ensures the background color is added correctly. This ensures uniformity, brand alignment and saves BLS from having to edit their images in programs like Photoshop.

Brand alignment

Saving the need for Photoshop

Increased Deliverability

Mobile Optimized

BLS templates are optimized for email mobile clients. This means the template will stack blocks ontop of eachother, increase font sizes and overall improve the UI for mobile screens, ensuring a good user experience even on the go. According to global numbers 49.7% of all email newsletters are opened on mobile, making it an important priority for BLS and their email template.

Layout changes on mobile

Images are minimized for fast download speed

Font sizes are optimized for small screens

Key benefits

BLS experiences a series of benefits from choosing the Alpaco platforms for their email marketing

Time Saved

With Alpaco BLS ssaves valuable hours creating campaigns each time. Estimated email production today is 15 min.


With their costumized template, BLS ensures their brand is still recognizable, even in the inbox, strengthening their brand.

Increased Deliverability

Ensuring images and code is optimized and un-tampered, Alpaco increases the deliverability of BLS's newsletters.

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